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Private air strip for general aviation aircraft available in North Carolina USA. Includes hangars for 20 aircraft with material on hand for additional hangars. Also adjoining acreage with ponds, streams and forests. Ideal for a private estate, horse farm etc. for the unique individual who would like to enjoy the wonderful 4 seasons in North Carolina. Located in the center of the state it is a short flight or drive to the mid Atlantic seashore or to the beautiful Great Smokey Mountains. This air strip and acreage has been family owned for 75 years and present owner would like to remain caretaker for new owner.

Prime location for a horse farm or private golf course or private air park where aircraft owners would be located close to the air strip. Air strip is presently a well manicured grass strip, but with sale an agreement could be worked out to jointly pave the runway. Many pilots prefer a grass strip, however for full 12 month utilization, pavement would be preferable.

It is a 30 minute drive to Greensboro (GSO) where the Honda Jet (VLJ) plant is presently being built. Only a 20 minute drive to downtown Winston-Salem home of the world class Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center (an 850 Level 1 trauma) center is located.

Check the news and you will see that the western states are plagued by wild fires, mud slides and heavy snow storms. The Midwest is fraught with flooding and tornadoes. Florida and the southern states inundated by hurricanes and tornadoes. The North east states have blizzards and bone chilling temperatures. You will see how fortunate we are to have such a temperate climate and weather patterns.

Seasons: Our most perfect weather begins at the end of March with April being very mild Then the great transformation begins. Trees are sprouting new leaves and buds, flowers are blooming. April is here with a wonderful preview of spring. May comes in with a promise of everything green. June, July, August and September are all great months. Yes, it can be hot but not the extreme temperatures you see in Florida or Texas. October and November are beautiful with all the glorious color of the fall foliage. This is great flying weather.

This air strip and land are for sale to individuals who enjoy the freedom of flying small aircraft. We have a great camaraderie among all aircraft owners based at the strip. We have weekend fly ins, parties and cookouts.

We have a yearly fly in (big party) with a classic car show and restored farm tractors on display for everyone to see and enjoy.

This would be the kind of atmosphere I would like to see continue with new owners.

Also based at this air strip is a World War II Vintage trainer (North American AT-6) that performs in numerous air shows around the country. This plane would also be available for new owner to lease or buy if desired.

Lots of options are on the table for purchase, use and management of this property.

***With over 40 years of exposure to the personal aircraft industry, the sale of this airport could also include me as a guide to all kinds of events and venues.****

Purchase through partnerships will be considered. Also, owner financing is available depending on buyer's credit.

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James M Steele (Mike)